About our 4degrees range
4 Degrees Celsius is widely recognised by scientists globally as the upper limit of likely temperature increase over the next 100 years due to climate change. It is no secret that CO2 and other greenhouse gases are accumulating in our atmosphere. There is some debate about exactly how much of this is as a direct result of human activity; but scientists and governments around the world are clear that we must take action to reduce our CO2 emissions to avoid the risk of uncontrollable climate change.
We are all witness to the one in one hundred year storms that seem to be happening every year, some very close to home. Hurricanes, tornados and storm surges are affecting countries all over the globe, even here in the South Pacific. The seasons are getting more dramatic and weather patterns are changing. Some areas are experiencing extreme flooding and unprecedented snow storms, while others are encountering long periods of low humidity and extremely high temperatures, leading to drought, water shortages, even wild fires causing serious damage and loss of life. One of the biggest issues with climate change is how dramatic some of these weather events can be. It is believed that a 4 degree increase in the mean temperature over the next one hundred years is enough to increase the sea level by 0.5m due to thermal expansion of the water alone. If ice melting in the Northern and Southern hemispheres is taken into account, these sea level rises could be more than 4m by 2300. A sea level rise of this nature would displace millions of people alone without the added devastation of storm surge on top of sea level rise. It has been shown that climate change is slow to begin with, but as ice begins to melt, this process is irreversible as temperatures cold enough to refreeze the ice are unachievable. As climates warm, the chance of wild fires escalates. One of these large fires has the ability to produce as much CO2 as an entire country’s CO2 emissions in one year, as the stored carbon in the vegetation is released. In some cases the vegetation will never recover due to unfavorable climate conditions and also its ability to absorb future CO2. This is already happening to some extent, and the situation will worsen in time. There is only so much we can do to control our changing environment, but we can do something.
Our 4 Degrees package boiler range offers superior performance and efficiency over our competitors' products, which means we can help our customers save money and reduce their environmental impact. Our 4 Degrees range of boilers consume substantially less fuel and electricity, reducing your operating costs in a world where we are continuously seeing increasing energy costs as a result of scarcity and polluter-pays taxation. For your next boiler, make a conscious choice, for the environment, for your families and for your business.