DRS Series

A. burner
High quality European manufactured Oilon burners offer superior control and efficiency to minimise fuel costs.

Front Access Door

Fully insulated and refractory lined front door maximises flue gas efficiency and minimises radiant and conductive heat losses. The door is hinged, providing easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

3 Pass Design

The entire DRS range incorporates three combustion gas passes for optimal Thermal Fluid Heater efficiency and related fuel savings.

  D. Wet-back
The DRS series Thermal Oil Heaters incorporate a wet back rear wall, further increasing the efficiency of the units.

Thermal Insulation

Multi-layer insulation provides superior heat retention and exterior surfaces below 50°C.



Superior design:

Our DRS series Thermal Oil Heaters offer innovative design, maximising efficiency. These units incorporate a large furnace, providing excellent expansion flexibility, increased surface area and strength. A three pass arrangement with wet back wall provides highly efficient operation.

Quality manufacturing process:

The DRS range Thermal Oil Heaters are manufactured under an ISO9000 quality management system to ensure the quality of these units.

Extraordinary performance:

Energy Plant Solutions' DRS series Thermal Oil Heaters provide an 80% efficiency to minimise your fuel consumption. A large combustion space with increased surface area provides superior energy transfer from the combustion gas into the oil.

Superior insulation:

The superior triple layer insulation system on the DRS series Thermal Oil Heaters comprises a ceramic fibre layer attached to the shell of the Thermal Oil Heater and covered by a thick silver reflective blanket to reflect lost heat back inward, encompassed by a thick layer of fibre glass insulation and then clad in an outer layer of stainless steel. In addition, the front door on which the burner mounts and also forms the back of the second to third pass chamber, is internally lined with refractory and insulation. This insulation provides extensive heat retention in the flue gas and reduces radiant and conductive losses to atmosphere, achieving optimal flue gas efficiency and exterior surface temperatures of below 50°C.

Consistent Oil Temperatures:

The design flow through the DRS series Thermal Oil Heaters is such that the oil providing the process heating medium is delivered to the process at a consistent temperature with accurate temperature control. The DRS series Thermal Oil Heaters provide even flow throughout the heat exchanger to ensure the oil is not damaged due to overheating as a result of low flow.

Easy maintenance:

A large hinging door on the front Thermal Oil Heater allows easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. Additional entry points are fitted on the rear of the unit for the same purposes. Blank flanges on the Thermal Oil headers also provide easy access for inspection.

Environmentally friendly:

Optimal Thermal Fluid Heater efficiency provides superior performance over our competitors' products, reducing the amount of fuel required to achieve the same output. Flue gas economisers for heating process water are available to utilise the remaining heat in the flue gas to maximise your site's efficiency.

High quality ancillaries:

EPS use high quality European equipment on our Thermal Fluid Heaters. These include Spirax Sarco valving, Oilon burners, complete with Siemens' LMV control system and quality circulation pumps. The design of this equipment ensures superior control and ongoing reliability.

Advanced Unattended control system:

Our market leading Thermal Oil Heater control system is modeled around the Siemens' LMV combustion control system and our PLC, providing accurate and repeatable burner control and excellent overall Thermal Oil Heater control. Our Oilon burner range provides high combustion efficiency, operating at low excess air levels. In addition, EPS can offer variable speed combustion fan control and automated oxygen trim to further optimise electricity and fuel savings for the life of the unit. Our control system comprises a 10" colour touch screen operator interface with PLC control, animated to indicate current Thermal Oil Heater status, temperatures, levels and fault descriptions, trending and testing functions. A cellular modem provides the ability to contact responsible persons assigned to the Thermal Oil Heater via cell phone or pager, with a description of the actual fault should it occur.

Premium service:

The quality of our installations is second to none. Commissioning is carried out to a high standard with an emphasis on precise control and superior efficiency. Training is provided to ensure those responsible for the ongoing supervision of the thermal fluid heater are trained to protect your investment and ensure it is operated safely and efficiently. EPS follow this up with market leading after sales technical and service support to our customers.