Efficiency Upgrades

Historically, energy plants have not recovered large amounts of energy.
This has been wasted to atmosphere. Smart companies are now looking to operate more efficiently as overheads and operating costs increase. The implementation of an emissions trading scheme will add further cost to operating your boiler plant.

Our specialist people are able to audit your boiler plant and make recommendations on many areas that have the ability to save your business a huge amount of money by reducing labour, fuel and electricity consumption.

These upgrades could be flue gas economisers and condensers, condensate heat recovery systems, deaerators, burner upgrades with O2 trim and speed control, feed pump speed control and fly ash cleaning systems, just to name a few. The energy savings achieved by such upgrades, even on boiler plant as small as 1.2MW, can add up to more than a 1 million dollar saving over the life of the boiler.

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