Valve Sales

Valve Sales (safety, control and isolation valves)

Energy Plant Solutions offer a large variety of specialised valving to suit all types of energy plant. Examples of such valves include isolation valves, steam traps, air eliminators, strainers, control valves and safety valves. Energy Plant Solution offer SPIRAX as standard, yet work closely with clients to meet their own preference & requirements.

 Blow-down Tanks

Blow-down Tank manufacture

Energy Plant Solutions design boiler blow-down tanks to suit your boiler plant, whether this be to replace existing damaged units, or to apply to a new installation.


Boiler Stack manufacture

Energy Plant Solutions are able to design boiler chimney stacks to suit your boiler plant, whether this be to replace existing damaged units, or to apply to a new installation.


 Boiler Stacks    

Hot well / Feedtank manufacture

Energy Plant Solutions are able to design feedtanks to suit your boiler plant, whether this be to replace existing damaged units, or to apply to a new installation.  Carbon steel and stainless tanks are possible with or without insulation.

 Thermal Oil Filtration    

Thermal Oil Filtration

Plant Solutions specialise in thermal oil filtration systems. It is a well known fact that thermal oil has a limited life span. Energy Plant Solutions can supply and install a filtration system to improve the life of your extremely expensive thermal oil. A filtration system will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Reduced fouling
  • Control degradation
  • Clean your oil without disrupting system operation
  • Increase heat transfer efficiency
  • Reduce wear on seals, pumps & valves
  • Minimise unscheduled maintenance
  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Extend the life expectancy of your oil
  • Increase production rates and reduce fuel costs by maintaining good heat transfer

These filter sets can be installed as a side stream flow utilising pressure drop across flow and return lines circulating a small percentage of the overall system flow continuously through the filter set. Filter cartridges within the filter enclosure remove impurities from the oil.

The filter condition is monitored by assessing the pressure drop across the filter set. As the pressure drop increases the filter is beginning to block. A large variety of filters are available from coarse to extremely fine. This allows a filter set to be fitted to existing systems that have poor quality oil. The system can then be cleaned up on the run with finer filters fitted as the larger contaminants are removed.

We can supply duplex systems and larger systems that have their own onboard circulation pumps and control systems. Given the high oil prices we face on an ever increasing basis, the installation of such a filtration system is a very sound investment reducing your operating costs.

 Sonic Horns    


Energy Plant Solutions can provide specialised audiosonic acoustic cleaning equipment, otherwise known as sonic horns. Sonic horns are employed wherever ash, dust, powders or granular materials are processed, generated, stored or transported. The main plant areas to benefit from these horns are silos and hoppers, ID fans, filters, electrostatic precipitators, boilers, superheaters, economisers, heaters, cyclones, grinding plants, dryers and coolers and bulk transportation. The sonic horns offer excellent performance without risk of structural damage to plant. They maximise plant and process efficiency, improve material flow, prevent cross contamination, eliminate hazardous manual cleaning regimes, reduce unscheduled plant shutdowns, increase thermal efficiency, increase plant life and reduce maintenance costs. We have already installed a number of these in New Zealand, with excellent results.
 Water Softeners    

WATER SOFTENERS (supply and installation)

Energy Plant Solutions can offer water softeners and water conditioning equipment to remove minerals from your boiler feedwater, protecting boiler internals and minimising chemical costs.
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