Valve Servicing

Specialised valve reconditioning and servicinG

Energy Plant Solutions have designed and manufactured specialised equipment, allowing us to repair a wide range of valving, including isolation valves, blow down valves, stop checks and safety valves.

We pride ourselves on our extremely high quality of workmanship.

In many cases with older valving, replacement parts are not available. Energy Plant Solutions can manufacture a large variety of new replacement components, allowing such expensive valving to be utilised for many years to come, thus reducing our client's operating costs, and ensuring they can rely on the valves that we have reconditioned.

We have many satisfied customers who had previously been serviced by other major specialist valve reconditioning companies. The reason for their change to Energy Plant Solutions is our proven ability to offer superior quality.

Energy Plant Solutions also specialise in reconditioning steam and compressed air soot blowers.

If required we have the ability to ‘line bore' your damaged soot blower housings oversize, and in turn manufacture new oversized pistons complete with new piston rings to suit, thus turning your damaged unit into an ‘as new' functioning soot blower. This is often a very cost effective repair when compared to the expensive alternative of a replacement unit.

In addition, we are also manufacture new lances should your units be damaged due to overheating or wear from steam during long periods of service.

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