Biomass Fired Hot Water, Steam and Thermal Oil Heat Plants

Are you interested in a near carbon neutral energy plant solution to generate your process heat? Biomass fired boiler plant fueled by renewable waste residues such as wood chip and hogged fuel etc could be the answer for your application. We have partnered exclusively with a global leader in biomass combustion techknowlogy, Polytechnik Biomass Energy based in Austria. Polytechnik are able to offer hot water, steam and thermal oil energy plants fired on biomass. Energy Plant Solutions work with Polytechnik here in New Zealand installing and servicing these energy plants. Energy Plant Solutions have been responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of many of the piping systems associated with these New Zealand installed biomass fired boiler plants. Please follow the Polytechnik Biomass Energy link if you would like to understand how this techknowlogy could help you. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you want to know more.