Resistive Element Steam & Hot Water Boilers

Are you interested in a true carbon zero energy plant solution? The cost of carbon emissions is a serious consideration for any company currently burning fossil fuels to produce process heat. The cost of burning fossil fuels is trending toward well in excess of $100 NZD per tonne of CO2 in the near future. A large portion of New Zealand's electrical energy is generated by renewable means, such as, Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Wind and Solar. These clean sources of electrical energy can be used to generate large amounts of steam or hot water using our resistive element boiler range without fossil fuel emissions and carbon costs. Our resistive element boiler range covers 1MW - 3MW, with efficiencies in excess of 99%. Multiple boilers can be linked together to provide greater outputs. Our resistive element boilers are compact and offer a low cost alternative to our larger electrode boilers. If your business is serious about a sustainable process heat solution, and you want to move away from fossil fuels, we have a solution for you.
Our resistive element boilers are designed in house with assistance from a true industry expert.  We have taken the collective experience of all involved with the design to develop something very special. This range of unattended boiler plant will be instrumental in changing the boiler market in New Zealand, eliminating tonnes of CO2 in the process.

Our resistive element boilers are manufactured to the AS1210 Pressure Vessel Code. This is a globally recognised boiler manufacturing standard. All of our boilers are also manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality management system. In addition, third party inspections, by a New Zealand Worksafe approved inspection body, are also carried out to independently verify quality during and after the manufacturing process in our Palmerston North based workshop.

Our resistive element boiler range is extremely efficient with efficiencies exceeding 99%. To benchmark this efficiency against fossil fuel fired boiler plant, a typical coal fired boiler could reach 70 – 80% gross efficiency, a typical gas fired boiler could reach 80 – 85% gross efficiency.  Our electric boiler efficiency is far superior to that of fossil fuel fired boilers.  

The superior triple layer insulation system on our resistive element electrode boilers comprises a high density insulation layer attached to the shell of the boiler. This is covered by a thick silver reflective blanket to reflect lost heat back inward, encompassed by a thick layer of fibre glass insulation. This insulation provides extensive heat retention in the boiler vessel, minimising radiant and conductive losses to atmosphere, achieving exterior boiler surface temperatures as low as 25°C.

Sufficient steam space and a steam separator installed within our resistive element steam boilers provide high quality dry steam to help maximise efficiency.

We have designed this range of boiler plant with the minimisation of maintenance in mind. There are very few moving parts on these boilers with little to go wrong. A gallery built into the top of the boiler provides safe access to the valving and instrumentation on the top of the boiler. Panel doors on each end of the boiler provide unobstructed access to the element sets and fuse boxes. Solid state switch gear provides excellent zero crossing switching, resulting in long switch life.  

Optimal boiler efficiency provides superior boiler performance, reducing the amount of energy required to achieve the same boiler output. Our electric boiler range removes the need for the reliance on fossil fuels to generate process heat with very close to 100% efficiency. Why would you not want a boiler plant that generates no CO2, and causes no pollution with zero emissions!

We use only quality valves, pumps, instruments and switch gear on our resistive element boilers. Our resistive element boilers all run a PLC with integrated HMI to provide seamless interfaces for your operators. Our installations are constantly setting new industry innovation benchmarks for others to follow.