A Good Clean Sound

Energy Plant Solutions has supplied a number of acoustic cleaners for solid fuel boiler applications in New Zealand with extremely good results and very short payback times due to increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

Acoustic cleaners, otherwise known as sonic horns, operate by generating rapid sound pressure fluctuations. These pressure fluctuations are transmitted into dry particulate matter causing the solid particles to resonate and dislodge from the surface on which they are deposited.

Once dislodged, the materials fall, either due to gravity or they are carried away by the air stream within the process.

The powerful sound waves are produced when the short bursts of compressed air enters the unit’s wave generator and force the only moving part, a titanium diaphragm, to flex, creating the powerful “base” sound wave.

This “base” tone is then transmitted by a range of different bell sections into selected frequencies between 60 – 420Hz.

Applications for the acoustic cleaners include boilers, superheaters, economisers, air heaters, duct work, electrostatic precipitators, filters, spray dryers, silos, hoppers, dry material bulk vehicles and others.