Project – Synlait Milk 12MW Electrode Steam Boiler

Synlait have commissioned New Zealand’s first large-scale electrode boiler to provide renewable process heat to their $125 million advanced dairy liquids facility at Synlait Dunsandel. Synlait Milk has committed to reducing its environmental impact significantly over the next decade by targeting key areas of their value chain. Commissioning New Zealand’s first large scale electrode boiler in … Read more

From Waste to Waste Not – Air New Zealand Magazine May 2015

Once a waste by-product, clean hydrogen is now fuelling resin manufacturer Hexion’s Christchurch plant, cutting fuel oil costs by over 90%. Hydrogen, when you can get it, makes a great clean fuel. Burn it, and the by-product is water. Carbon emissions can be cut dramatically and no dirty particles are released into the atmosphere. For … Read more

A Good Clean Sound

Energy Plant Solutions has supplied a number of acoustic cleaners for solid fuel boiler applications in New Zealand with extremely good results and very short payback times due to increased efficiency and reduced downtime. Acoustic cleaners, otherwise known as sonic horns, operate by generating rapid sound pressure fluctuations. These pressure fluctuations are transmitted into dry … Read more

EPS – Winner of Buddle Findlay Large Business Award of EECA Awards 2014

An elegant solution turned a waste gas stream into energy – cutting fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions by nearly 90%. A manufacturer of specialised resins for the wood panels industry, Momentive Specialty Chemicals produces waste gas at a rate of 3,900 cubic metres per hour. When looking for ways to reduce its environmental footprint and improve efficiency, Momentive sought to … Read more

EPS – Winner of Z Energy Innovation Award of EECA Awards 2014

Annual CO2 emissions are down by 1,300 tonnes with ingenious engineering that has removed the need for fossil fuel. A very specialised solution was needed to successfully capture and use waste gas for energy at Momentive’s manufacturing plant. Thanks to Energy Plant Solutions, the plant actually runs on its own waste gas, cutting fuel use and CO2 emissions by 90%. The gas … Read more

Full Steam Ahead

A high-pressure boiler supplied and installed by Energy Plant Solutions is helping one dairy firm save money with better use of energy. Energy Plant Solutions was asked by SKL8, project manager on a new dairy factory near Balclutha, to supply and install a high-pressure boiler supplying 20,000kg/hr of steam for a milk powder spray dryer. … Read more